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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Naughty Scout

So, yesterday wasn't Scout's best day.  In his defense, I think his 2 year molars are really bothering him, and he just gets downright rotten when he's feeling bad.  When attempting to give him some motrin last night, he spit it back out as I was putting it in his mouth!  He also threw a couple of cars across the room, and sat down to throw a temper tantrum when I wouldn't play chase with him.  Within the last few weeks, he has developed a severe distaste for "diaper changing time."  I calmly explain to him quite often that he has a choice, and if he used the big or little potties, he wouldn't have to have his diaper changed.  I know that he knows WHAT the potties are for, because he will point at them and say, "poop," and "pee-pee."  However, he throws a fit when we suggest that he try to sit on 1 of the potties.  The doctor said to take the "lazy" approach, which is fine with me (ha ha), but I have this horrible feeling that I'm going to have a 5-year-old in diapers!  Anyway, this morning when we had to change a poopy diaper, I had to use a little butt cream because his bottom was a little red...Scout came unglued...he DETESTS butt cream, but unfortunately it's a necessary evil sometimes.  It took his Nana & Papa holding him down, so that I could smear the cream...and it still ended up all over his legs and stomach...he's very strong!!  When I was finally ready to fasten the diaper tabs, he proceeded to throw his trains (that were in his hands) at my face...he was reprimanded, but refused to tell me he was sorry.  Most of the time, I am glad that I have an independent, strong-willed child, but today...I'm not so happy about it!!  I guess I'm just thankful that he's usually a delighful child, and instances like today are not the norm...ah, motherhood =)

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